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Meet Colleen Quinn

Owner & Designer Colleen Quinn is an expert designer, pattern-maker, and seamstress. With more than a decade of work experience in design, production, and retail, Colleen has experienced the industry at every stage. Her love for creating beautiful clothing started at the age of 5, and has culminated in the creation of CQuinn - a brand focused on empowering all women through their wardrobe. 

About CQuinn

With CQuinn's ready-to-wear line, Colleen is bringing the luxury of custom tailoring to the modern woman in an affordable way.  Our handmade pieces effortlessly transition from a breakfast catchup with friends, to the boardroom, to cocktails late at night. Through expert craftsmanship, high-quality fabrics, and transitional designs CQuinn will empower your wardrobe.

CQuinn also offers custom designing services.  We can create a completely unique design for your special occasion - something made entirely for you!  

Our Values

CQuinn is a slow fashion brand - each piece is made-to-order from deadstock fabric sourced in Los Angeles. This ensures we are making the most of our materials while creating the least amount of waste.

Celebrating Individuality 

At CQuinn, we know that one size does NOT fit all.  Not everyone is shaped the same - and we love that! This is why we offer customizable alterations with our ready-to-wear line. Simply write you custom alterations in your order, and we will make them free of charge.

Christine Celozzi
Colleen is a really wonderful person & her new collection is something I can absolutely get behind.  Classy, comfortable, and sustainably created.  Highly recommend this line.
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